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 Předmět příspěvku: Russia reveals the first four months of this year Defense ha
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The Russian Ministry of Finance initially of the web or moreโปรโมชั่น slotxoto claim the right. Download the AI slot formula for making money for the first time once. The next round does not have a minimum, applicable to all online game camps. No condition forecast a budget deficit of 1 percent of GDP, or 1.3 trillion rubles (721.670 million) in 2022, but now it forecasts a budget deficit of at least 1.6 trillion rubles (888,209 million baht). ) to pay support to counter the unprecedented impact of Western economic sanctions.

The government will use the Russian sovereign wealth fund. which is a provident fund from oil and gas income to compensate for the deficit And to support the sharp fall in stocks and bonds since Russia sent tens of thousands of troops and heavy weapons into Ukraine on Feb. 24.

Defense spending has risen monthly since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine in late February. 65 As the Russian army failed to win a quick victory and decided to strategize on capturing eastern territories,

According to the Russian Ministry of Finance Russia's defense spending in February 65 with a total amount of 369 billion rubles (204,843 million baht), but in March 65 increased to 450 billion rubles (249,808 baht)

Russia's defense spending in April 65, more than double the pre-war period That compares with 233.7 billion rubles (129,734 million baht) in Jan. 65 and a 128% increase in defense spending in April. 64 with a total amount of 275 billion rubles (152,665 million baht).

Defense expenses between Jan.-Apr. 65 More than three times the amount spent on education, more than two times the amount spent on public health, and more than 10 times the amount spent on conservation and environmental management.

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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina

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