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Sides for episode 9.15

This episode is scheduled to shoot from 1/9 – 1/18.

Angry Nurse – (Conference Room) Dr. Hall is at the front of the room trying to keep control but nurses are walking out. An Angry Nurse yells that she’s had the same schedule for 6 years but now she has to split shifts? She says her husband works 2 jobs and asks who is going to pick up her kid now. Dr. Hall explains they’re just breaking up shifts a bit differently. The Angry Nurse says they get shafted and she’s not taking this. She asks “Who’s taking this?” She’s riled the crowd and now they’re all yelling.
(Board room) The room is quiet while Dr. Hall addresses the nurses. Dr. Hall says it’s a transition and transitions are scary, but he/she promises the changes are for the best and he/she wants to work with them to make sure of it. Dr. Hall asks if they can do that. The Angry Nurse stands and says they can try. There’s silence and then some applause with the Angry Nurse joining in with the applause.

Ike (40s) – He’s the father of 5 year old patient, AJ. AJ is very sick and he’s sleeping as Ike and Dr. Davis talk. Ike asks if the chemo didn’t work just like the radiation. Dr. Davis says the cancer has continued to spread. Ike asks if surgery is next because Dr. Davis had said that AJ is too weak and surgery could kill him. Dr. Davis says he/she is suggesting another approach. It’s risky and experimental but they may be able to reduce the tumor. Ike says, “And no surgery?” Dr. Davis says approval is needed first and Ike needs to give her consent. Ike takes Dr. Davis’s hand and is sobbing into it. Ike’s too overcome and embarrassed to speak and Dr. Davis just pats his head. Dr. Davis says he/she is going to take this as a “yes”.

(Patient room) Dr. Davis is furious. She tells Ike that they are not approving the procedure at this time. Ike starts saying “But you said –“ Dr. Davis apologizes and says she was sure it would go the other way so now they are back to a colectomy. Ike says that’s their only option. Dr. Davis says no, there’s the option of them going to some other place that will give AJ the care he deserves because he won’t get that there. She tells them to leave and fast. Dr. Davis leaves before she can say anything else while Ike stands there shocked.

Neonatologist – (NICU-morning) A baby screams and monitors blare as Dr. Caine struggles to save the baby. Dr. Caine asks the Neonatologist when the baby was delivered. The Neonatologist says 25 minutes ago and there’s vomiting, distended abdomen… Dr. Caine says he/she needs the films back, stat! They hustle to save the baby.

Langer – Liz Langer (39) and Brad Finch (40) are hard-ass corporate lawyers and parents of the newborn. They’re in the OB recovery room where Langer’s exhausted from childbirth. Finch stands far away from Langer and he’s antsy. They don’t look or act like a couple. They listen as Dr. Michaelson explains that a loop of skin is obstructing their baby’s bowel so food can’t be processed. They need to do an emergency surgery to remove the obstruction immediately. They stare at him and Finch, overcome, steps out of the room. Dr. Michaelson says he knows this is a lot for them to take and asks Langer if her husband is okay. Langer says Finch isn’t her husband. They work at the same firm and hooked up one time. The condom broke because Finch is too cheap and stupid to buy decent ones. She’s almost 40 and wanted a baby so she told Finch he was off the hook but she was keeping the baby. Finch told her he was going to do the right thing and going to do his part. It’s his kid too so she wasn’t going to say no. She says Finch is a complete asshat but he makes a good living. All she cares about now is her baby and she asks Dr. Michaelson if her baby is going to be okay.

(OB recovery room) Dr. Michaelson stands before Langer and Finch and says he can try to repair the liver but it’s incredibly delicate and there’s a high risk it can be permanently damaged. Langer says “And the baby dies.” Dr. Michaelson says it’s a risk. The other option is they do nothing and hope the bleeding stops on its own and the baby survives that. Finch and Langer look at each other terrified, neither wants to make the decision about their baby’s fate. Finch eventually says he thinks they should wait and not do anything. Langer says that’s stupid and they should go with the surgery but then says she doesn’t know. She breaks down, says she can’t decide and she can’t do this and tells Finch to do it. Finch takes her hand and tells her they’ll both decide and that he’s just as scared as she is. He says Langer is the biggest, meanest, ball-busting, ice-queen nightmare bitch that he knows so if he can do this so can she. He’s moved to tears too and it’s weirdly supportive, they’re connected. Langer gathers herself and says they should wait. Dr. Michaelson says okay. Langer asks for some water and a maxi-pad for her girlfriend, here. Finch yanks his hand back and says “nice”

(NICU – night) Finch stands behind Langer as they look through the glass at their baby. Dr. Michaelson says the baby will be watched closely overnight but he thinks the baby will be just fine. They thank Dr. Michaelson and Finch’s phone beeps. He says that’s 2 minutes and tells Langer to move her fat head so that he can get a look. Langer rolls her eyes, moves behind Finch and calls him a tool. They’re mismatched but they’re going to be just fine.

Finch – Side similar to Langer’s but there is an additional scene where Dr. Michaelson talks to Finch after he steps out of the room in the first scene...

Outside of the recovery room, Dr. Michaelson tells Finch he knows this is a lot for them to take and asks Finch if he and his wife are okay. Finch says he doesn’t know Langer all that well. It’s his kid but she’s not his wife. He explains that he works with Langer and they hooked up once at an office party but the condom broke. He told Langer he wants to provide financially but he also wants to be there, he wants to be a father for his kid. Langer is a bitch on wheels but she’s tough and smart and a kid could do worse. Finch is terrified and pleads with Dr. Michaelson to tell him his kid is going to be okay.

Lawyer – (interior house) The realtor and the lawyer are on one side, Annie and Max on the other. The lawyer has closing documents before him. Annie says they are thrilled, very excited. The lawyers pass the first page to their client. He says the first is a right of rescission document and tells his client where to sign. Annie takes the pen and signs as the lawyer sets out the rest of the papers.

Stan – (interior house - day) Max and Henry listen to Stan who explains that under the law if you don’t have enough money for a down payment you can apply for a loan which is only approved if you have a decent credit score and an income 3 times greater than the cost of the loan. Henry says “so we’re boned”. Stan says you can apply for a loan with a co-signer whose credit score and yearly income is considerably higher which would also lower the interest rate. Henry says “so we’re boned”. Max tells Henry Stan is saying it’s possible. Stan says it’s very possible, they would need more money or a loan. Henry asks how much more. Stan tells him he would need to see the financial report from the realtor to even attempt a guess and there’s the issue of another buyer being in play. Henry says so they just ask the realtor for it. Stan says if they have a hope of outbidding the current buyer, the element of surprise is crucial here.

(interior house –night) Henry sits in the living room with Stan. Max fills their glasses with scotch and they all look stunned and worried. Stan says the first thing they’ll need to do is fill out the form as dual signers so that they can legally get all their funds into one place to secure the loan and they’ll need a name for their joint account. Henry, stunned, asks what they just did. Stan asks if they know what they’d like to call themselves. Max says “The Bad Decision Makers?” Henry says, “The Future Hobos?” Max suggest “The Hopelessly Screwed?” A long beat as they face what they’re doing. Stan, worried, says it could be anything and they should keep thinking. The three of them swig their scotch.

Jason – (Patient room - day) Jason does an exam on 7 months pregnant patient Lisa who is in labor. He explains to Lisa that he is going to do an exam to see how dilated and effaced she is. He feels something that worries him and asks Lisa if her regular OB mentioned her baby is breech. Lisa says, “It’s WHAT?” Jason covers his tension well but this is bad. He tells Lisa that he can feel toes and that he thinks her baby is ready to say hi. Lisa says she’s only 7 months. Jason tells a nurse they need an ultrasound and to prep OR 2. He turns to Lisa and tells her they need to get the baby out now so he’s going to perform an emergency C-section. Lisa says no. Jason says yes and that when they’re done Lisa is going to have a beautiful, healthy baby and the baby is going to have a nice, healthy mom. He asks Lisa to work with him here and she says okay.

(Joe’s bar – night) Jason and Dr. Pike settle into the booth with their drinks. Jason says he’s worked across the street for 2 years and he’s never entered the bar. Dr. Pike asks how is that possible because all the doctors come to the bar. Jason says all the surgeons come to the bar and again, that’s the problem with surgeons. Dr. Pike asks what problem is that. Jason answers “You guys think you’re the only doctors.” He adds that surgeons strut around as if the whole hospital serves them, they think they are so badass. Dr. Pike says maybe it’s all the snatching life from the jaws of death that makes them seem badass. Jason replies that he doesn’t just save lives, he regularly ushers life into the world and sometimes if it’s not coming he goes in and gets it. He performs surgeries too and every patient of his is actually two patients in one. He tells Dr. Pike to beat that. Dr. Pike says Jason wears pink scrubs. He tells Dr. Pike she wins and he has no response to that. They laugh and like each other. Jason says it’s worse when they lose a patient because it might be because they were driving drunk or got into a fight or O.D.’d. When he loses a patient it’s never anything they did, it’s just… because. So you have to be pretty badass even in pink scrubs. Dr. Pike looks at him, respecting him and liking him. She raises her glass and tells Jason he totally pulls off the pink scrubs. Jason thanks her and they clink glasses.

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Sides for episode 9.16

(dates are 1/18 - 1/30):

Shelly: Shelly's mother is unconscious in her bed. Her father sits next to her holding a baby in his arms. Dr. Smith enters and Shelly asks 'Are you the doctor? My mommy won't wake up.' The side says it may as well be Tiny Tim on a crutch, its that sad.

Bobby: Bobby is an 8 year old with a mass. Drs. Brown and Howard are with him. Dr. Brown has named the mass Phil and tells Bobby Phil is going down in surgery, he's going to yank him right out and adios, Phil (when first told about the mass, Bobby heard 'man' and thinks there's a little person inside him). Bobby talks to his abdomen and says you're going down. The family cheers. Bobby asks Dr. Brown if he can keep Phil's head. Dr. Brown says by the time he/she is done there will be no head left to keep. Bobby is excited and says that's so gross.

Dr. Brown is with Bobby in post-op. Tells Bobby that he/she wishes Bobby could have seen Phil's face, especially when I pulled the eyeballs out of his stupid head. Bobby is weak but smiles.

Andy - Dr. Thomas is doing a pre-op exam on Andy, 42. He's in pain and ornery. Tells Dr. T to admit that his gut is a mess because he/she screwed up. Dr. T says that recurrence is a normal complication, Andy asks how can 4 surgeries in 2 years be normal - you're supposed to be clearing out the growths but keep making more. An intern joins them, Dr. T tells them they are late. Andy comments that now Dr. T is going to let Tardy Marty dig around in him too? Dr. T says today they are trying something new, something they only ever use on high risk patients. Dr. T tells Andy 'this is going to work'. Andy asks what happens if he walks out now, Dr. T says the melanoma spreads and he'll die. Andy's convinced, says 'you could have led with that'.

Assistant - Kevin's assistant hands him a stack of papers then heads out the door. Kevin yells out the door asking if Sandy took his luggage already, he needs his charger. The assistant tells him the bags are at the airport already and asks if they should bring them back. He says no.

Day - Sheri tries to talk to a stonewalling assistant but she's not having it, tells her he's not available.

Exec One - Five executives sit across the table from Sally and her lawyer. Sally says she knows others are interested in the office space but..... Exec One asks if he/she can stop her for a second. Says the would love to hear more on her financials. Sally doesn't know how to respond. After an agonizing moment her lawyer hands over a pile of papers. The execs scour the pages. Exec one sends a text and puts the phone on the table. Sally looks at him, he says he's running it by Mr. Davis, their head load executive. They all sit there waiting then a text comes in, he reads and say Mr. Davis apologizes but he's leaving for San Diego this evening. Sally is devastated. Then, another text. He can make 15 minutes for her this afternoon.

Kid/Other Kid - Amanda is in a conference room in the middle of pitching her idea. She says she believes in this cause, its the wave of the future and she would like to invite you to be a part of it.

Its dreamy as hell. Its met with silence. We see 2 young junior staffers (22-24) look at each other unsure of who is supposed to speak or what they are supposed to say. Kid says 'Neat', other says "thanks, we'll let you know". The could not be more uncertain.

Receptionist: A receptionist approaches Charlie and says it will be a few more minutes. Asks he she can get him any water or coffee. The receptionist returns with the coffee and food, Charlie snatches it out of her hands. The receptionist says 'all set, if you'll follow me'. Charlie rises to follow.

The Jim and Lisa sides are for Bobby's parents. Nothing new in them except a line or so for each.

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Sides for episode 9.17

Sides summary for episode 9.17 (shooting dates for the episode: 1/30 - 2/11)

Transplant Surgeon - (interior hospital OR) Dr. Smith and a Transplant Surgeon are facing off over a patient. Dr. Smith orders the Transplant Surgeon (TS) to take his hands off the tissue sample. The TS says that isn't Dr. Smith's tissue sample. Dr. Smith demands the TS show him/her the paper work to prove that or he/she will reach down the TS's throat and take a sample of his tissue. The TS is horrified. Dr. Jones finishes a call and says he/she has found their sample. The TS tells Dr. Jones to call off his/her attack dog. Dr. Smith starts to leave then turns around and tells the TS he got lucky this time.

Closing Surgeon - (interior hospital OR) There's one surgeon collecting tissue from a donor body and a second surgeon who is closing. Dr. Smith enters and asks where is everyone else. The Closing surgeon answers that everyone has gone and they are pretty much done here. Dr. Smith asks what he means by "done" and where is his/her kidney. The two surgeons with the donor body exchange confused looks.

Summary for 4 characters now: Jaelynn, Theo, Mr. Donovan, Mrs. Donovan
Jaelynn (16) and her boyfriend Theo (16) are both at the hospital for chemo. Jaelynn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donovan and Dr. Smith excitedly enter the chemo room to find Jaelynn curled in Theo's lap in a big easy chemo chair and they are making out. Jaelynn hasn't started the chemo yet and she scrambles up. Jaelynn asks her parents "Oh my god, don't I get any privacy?" She says she told them she'd meet them in the lobby when she was done and asks them if they are spying on her. Mr. Donovan says it's not that. He gets choked up and her mom too. Dr. Smith tells Jaelynn there's an experimental treatment they want to try with her and this is her last day of chemo. Jaelynn takes it in, she's shocked and speechless. She says "Ohmygod Theo. I'm done with chemo!" Joy spreads across her face for a minute until Theo says "sweet" and plays it cool. Jaelynn takes that in and dials back her joy and says "yeah. cool."

(Jaelynn's room) Dr. Smith enters to find Jaelynn's parents crowded around the closed bathroom door. Dr. Smith asks what is wrong and Mr. Donovan says Jaelynn locked herself in the bathroom. Dr. Smith knocks but there's no answer. The parents are really worried. Dr. Smith pleads for Jaelynn to come out so they can talk. Mr. Donovan says it's the silent treatment and she won't crack. They once took her phone and she didn't talk to them for 7 days. Dr. Smith knocks again and still nothing.

(Chemo room) Dr. Smith finds Theo who is hooked up to a chemo machine, phone in his hand. Dr. Smith asks if Jaelynn is texting him and Theo answers 'maybe'. Dr. Smith asks Theo to tell Jaelynn to come out of the bathroom. Theo says he would never text her that, he doesn't tell her what to do. Dr. Smith says this isn't like getting her to do her homework. This is her life and he asks Theo to text Jaelynn. Theo replies "make me". Dr. Smith grabs Theo's phone and reads "Dr. D.F." on it. Theo says it's for "Dr. Douche Face". Dr. Smith asks who is that supposed to be and Theo answers "who do you think?" and asks for his phone back. Dr. Smith says "make me". Theo is anchored to the chemo machine and can't get up. Dr. Smith leaves, starting to text on the stolen phone.

(Jaelynn's room) Jaelynn's parents sit worried. Jaelynn is still locked in the bathroom and not talking to anybody. Dr. Smith texts on Theo's phone to Jaelynn and suddenly the phone rings in his hands. It's Jaelynn, she asks who has Theo's phone and says only girls text emoticons. Dr. Smith starts pacing as he makes his case. He tells Jaelynn it is Dr. Douche-Face and he knows she's scared but she needs this treatment. Jaelynn says that at least with chemo she won't have ugly scars, get fat, poop her pants and her friends are there. Dr. Smith tells her you don't give up a life saving treatment for some guy, she's smarter than that. Jaelynn yells that he's not just "some guy". Dr. Smith asks her "Don't you think if Theo gets the chance to have this treatment tomorrow, he's gonna take it?" He continues by saying that if she doesn't take this opportunity she'll live on chemo and she'll probably die on chemo. He tells her to give herself the best chance she can. Dr. Smith's back is to the bathroom and he hears Jaelynn telling him to stop talking before she changes her mind. He turns around and she's standing in the bathroom door.

(Jaelynn's room) Jaelynn is admitted. A nurse takes her vitals and Dr. Smith briefs her parents. He's showing them a giant binder and explaining where she should check off her meds everyday. He says it's a lot but she has to take them no matter what or her body will reject the treatment. Mrs. Donovan says Jaelynn won't miss a dose. Dr. Smith looks at Jaelynn waiting for her to answer for herself.

Brad - Dr. Smith enters Brad's room to find it full of people partying, including some nurses and Brad's mom, Hazel. Dr. Smith turns off the music and asks what the hell is going on. Everyone looks at Brad who smiles. He has a trach and can only say a few words before running out of air (note says think of Christopher Reeve after he was paralyzed). Brad tells Dr. Smith it's okay, he invited everyone. Dr. Smith says that is great but she came to discuss the next steps and asks if Brad is sure he wants everyone in there. Brad says he already knows the next step, he wants to terminate care. Dr. Smith argues that Brad is a paramedic and therefore knows there are other options. Brad says he's doing assisted suicide (he has a coughing fit). He's being kept alive by the vent and once it's turned off - booyah! It's already been signed off and he welcomes Dr. Smith to his funeral. Dr. Smith can't believe what she's hearing.

(Brad's room) Dr. Smith walks in as a respiratory therapist finishes Brad's trach suctioning and dressing. Dr. Smith sits down and tells Brad she doesn't think he's been fair because she's heard his plan but he hasn't heard hers. Brad tells Dr. Smith to stop because if her plan doesn't get rid of his ALS then it's not a plan he is interested in hearing. Dr. Smith says she gets it, Brad is depressed but they can treat that. Brad replies that this is why he didn't tell Dr. Smith. He didn't want to spend valuable minutes of his life convincing her. Dr. Smith says that this can't be coming from the same guy that had her laughing all the way through his care. Brad argues that ALS is 100% fatal and if he keeps fighting he'll get an infection and his body will slowly shut down. It'll be harder on him and on his family so he's decided to stop fighting it. Dr. Smith says he can't just give up. Brad tells Dr. Smith he's not going to fight with her either. He can't have people around him who don't believe in what he's doing. Dr. Smith says she can't be a willing participant to watching him die. Brad answers that that's good because he doesn't want her there and he doesn't even want her here anymore.

Brad's mom, Hazel, sits next to him stroking his hair. Brad's dad and a few select friends are in the room. Brad is explaining that his heart will stop, the monitor will flatline and they'll have to get out of the room because the doctors have to handle his body. Hazel is crying and she asks Brad if he's sure. Brad pleads with his mom to not do this now. Hazel says she knows it's selfish but she wants more minutes. She tells Brad she'll support him either way but if he wants to stop they can end this right now and go home. Dr. Smith says "he's sure". They turn to see Dr. Smith has appeared in the doorway. Dr. Smith says fighting is a strain on Brad and everyone he loves. She continues by saying that Brad understands the medical condition and has made peace with it. He wants to say goodbye on his own terms while he is still himself. Brad says "You get it" and Dr. Smith replies that she does. Brad smiles at Dr. Smith, he's relieved and at peace.

Brad has flatlined. Hazel just sits, still clinging to him and sobbing. It's like she's frozen. Dr. Smith looks at the clock and says she's sorry she has to do this. Dr. Smith sees no way out except to literally pry Hazel off of Brad. Hazel leans on Dr. Smith for support as Dr. Smith guides her over to Brad's dad.

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Sides for episode 9.18

(so far):

Adam/Emma (Tanya probably cast from these as well) - Tanya is a nanny who appears to be dying. Emma and Adam are kids that she watches.

Dr. Frank has just told Tanya some bad news when Tanya notices Emma in the doorway. She asks Emma why she is there. Emma says that Uncle Arnold said she was in the hospital. She doesn't like doing her homework with Uncle Arnold, when he helps with homework he has bad breath. Tanya tells her not to worry, she'll be back soon. Dr. Frank nods playing along, Emma smiles. Similar scene with Adam. Later Tanya is outside her room surrounded by Emma and her siblings. They're all complaining about Uncle Arnold, Tanya asking what they can do to help Uncle lighten up a bit.

Pablo - 12 year old long term cancer patient - Dr. Smith and Dr. Cline are hooking him to an IV. He looks very sick and exhausted. Dr. Simmons says they'll bring him to the infusion lounge in the afternoon. Pablo asks who will take him, Dr. Simmons or Dr. Cline? Its clear he prefers Dr. Cline, seems to have a crush on her. Dr. Cline gives a smile just has Dr. Hall steps in and says she needs to scrub in on his/her surgery. Pablo looks crestfallen.

Dr. Hall yells whoa! as Pablo is holding his IV tube which is squirting saline all over Dr. Hall's crotch. Pablo says it popped out, is it bad? Pablo says sorry, Dr. Hall says don't sweat it. Dr. Cline and Dr. Hall leave and Dr. Simmons asks if he did that on purpose. Pablo asks if Dr. Cline is going out with Dr. Hall and its clear he did it on purpose. Dr. Simmons is trying not to laugh but fails. Pablo says "you know what would make me feel better?". Dr. Simmons say sorry, have doctor work to do, Pablo says fine, deny my dying cancer wish. He smirks and has a twinkle in his eye.

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Sides for episode 9.19

Dates are 2/22 - 3/5.

Aidan doesn't seem injured, his parents are. So, he's not a peds patient. After reading the sides all the way through I think its Alex too (thought it could have been Jo or Meredith earlier).

Bike Messenger - Dr. Vara approached Dr. Caine who is taking care of an injured bike messenger. He/she tells Dr. Caine to page Dr. Garrity, he/she is leaving for the TED confernence in 4 hours. The messenger says his/her roommate went last year and got David Blaine's autograph. Dr. Vara beams and says "High five!". Messenger stares at her, Dr. Vara looks down and sees the badly mangled hand.

Scruffy guy - Dr. Smith is finishing up an exam on scruffy guy. He asks if he can go smoke, doctor says if he wants to die, Scruffy says sweetie, I don't need a lecture. Dr. Smith tells him he was just in an accident, sweetie, sit your butt down. Scruffy sits.

Dr. Goyle/Parker (there's a mother in the sides also but no separate side for her, probably casting both from the side). ER - Dr. Davis goes up to a mother there with her sick son Parker, 4. Parker is limp and unresponsive. Parker is too weak to answer Dr. Davis. His mother says his fever spiked again, he's usually an energetic kid, something is wrong. She looks at Dr. Davis who hasn't moved an inch.

Later in the ER - Parker is hooked to an IV. His mother is talking to Dr. Goyle telling him/her that Parker is cranky, not sleeping, has chapped lips and today a rash. Dr. Goyle asks how she is doing and if she is getting enough sleep. She says of course not, she was up all night with her son. Dr. Goyle asks if its just her or is there a boyfriend, partner, husband? She tells him its just her. Dr. Goyle says she's all Parker has, especially when he's sick like this and that's a lot of pressure on her. Mother asks Dr. Goyle if he/she is a psychiatrist. Dr. Goyle asks her to listen for a moment but the mother knows that he's no doctor, he's a psychiatrist. Dr. Goyle tries to calm her down as she realizes these people think she's crazy.

Later - Parker's room. Dr. Davis walks into Parker's room and finds him sitting up, coloring with a hospital tray on the table from his lunch. Parker is practically like a new kid. His mother thanks Dr. Davis for saving her son. Parker gives his mother a drawing. She's happy to have her son back.

Elyse/Vince - ER day. Dr. Davis is stabilizing a hugely pregnant Elyse. She's groaning and writhing in pain. She asks if her baby is ok. Dr. Davis rolls her on her side. Elyse asks if she's (baby) ok and can Dr. D hear a heartbeat. Dr. Davis says not yet, rolls Elyse, adjusts the fetal band to a new position. Says "c'mon, c'mon". Elyse asks what is happening, Dr. Davis says the baby is breach. Dr. Davis rolls Elyse back over just as the baby's heartbeat plummets. Elyse asks what is happening. Dr. D tells her the baby is upside down and the pressure has caused the heart to stop. Dr. D is trying to turn the baby around, Elyse is afraid and in pain. Dr. Davis tries to calm Elyse as the nurse arrive in a flurry to take Elyse to the OR.

Nicu day - Dr. Hall and Vince Cruse arrive at the Nicu. Vince looks shell shocked. Dr. Hally points out the baby. Vince says she's perfect. Dr. Hall explains they have her on oxygent as a precaution but she is stable. Asks Vince if he wants to hold her. Vince cradles his baby.

ICU Night - Vince with Elyse. She is unconscious with tubes everywhere. Vince is talking to her, telling her they are a team, she has to wake up and not leave them. He told their little girl and now he's telling her - they are all supposed to be together. He's just about breaking down as Dr. Hall and Dr. Smith approach. He sees them and asks if they can show him where NICU is again. He tells Elyse the doctors are there and he's going to see their baby. Love you. Dr. Hall and Vince leave to go to NICU. Dr. Smith stays to care for Elyse.

Outside NICU, night. Through the window we see Dr. Hall has just told Vince Elyse has died. Vince is devastated, breaks down, absolutely wrecked.

Will add the rest after someone posts. The forum won't let me add all of it to this post.

Paul/Rachel/Social Worker/Aidan - An ambulance brings in Rachel Dawson, 40s. She's been in a car accident and is banged up and in pain. She's asking where her son and husband are, the paramedic tells her they are right behind her.

Paul is Rachel's husband. He's being brought in and weakly calls to Rachel and tells her he's there. Asks where his son is . The paramedic tells him not to worry, they have him.

The paramedics unload a boy, 10, with cuts on his wrists. Dr. Clark asks if he's Aidan. Aidan says yes and asks if his parents died. Dr. Clark says no, they're inside and he'll see them soon. Aidan is scared and in shock.

In the ER, Paul is being prepped to go to the OR. As they start to wheel him he sees his son. Tells him he's OK and tells him to stay with mommy.

Rachel's room, night. She's asleep with bandages on her head. Aidan says Momma!, reaches out and touches her face. Her eyes flutter, she sees him. Aidan tries to wrap his arms around her but she is shrinking away, terrified. Asks what are you doing, who are you? Aidan says its me mom, Aidan. She's disoriented and doesn't recognize him. She asks again who are you, yells help! help!. A nurse arrives just as Dr. Smith arrives. Aidan is backing away as Rachel screams what's happening?

The ER is bursting with activity. A little boy, Aidan, runs by with a social worker chasing after him. Aidan is running through the crowd in tears. Dr. Clark steps out and cuts him off, holding him. The social worker is grateful, apologies to Dr. C, tells him Aidan is a runner. Tells Aidan they are going to go to a hotel where he can stay until... Aidan says he doesn't want to go, Dr. C. asks if he can stay there, social worker says hotel is standard protocol. Dr. Clark whispers to the social worker that what he needs is to get sleep and feel safe. Says the social worker can stay there too, does that work? Social worker considers then nods.

Family waiting room, night: Dr. Clark enters and sees only the social worker on the cell phone freaking out, she is saying she alerted security and the nurses and has looked all over. Dr. Clark asks her where Aidan is. She says she went to the rest room and he was gone when she returned. Dr. Clark asks when did you lose him? She says about a half hour ago.

Cafeteria, night. Dr. Clark and Aidan sit in the cafeteria eating ice cream from a giant 2 gallon container. Dr. Clark says you're in the semi finals, what position do you play, Aidan says left defender, Dr. Clark says left defender is crucial. Aidan asks why his mother doesn't know who he is. Dr. Clark explains that she hit her head pretty bad and when its healing sometimes we forget things, even important things, for a little while. Aidan says so she'll remember me? Dr. C says I think so. Pager goes off, Dr. C sets it aside and focuses on Aidan. Tells him he needs to stay with the social worker. Aidan wants to stay with Dr. C. Dr. C tells him he needs to go help his parents get better so he/she needs Aidan to stay with the social worker, can he help out with that? Aidan nods.

Family waiting room, night. The social worker sits across from Aidan who is set up on a sofa with a blanket and pillows. Dr. Clark is crouched down to talk to him. Aidan says "he's not waking up?". Dr. Clark says not tonight, hoping you can see him tomorrow. Aidan asks about his mom, Dr. C hopes he'll see her tomorrow too. Dr. C. rises and tells Aidan he needs to get some sleep. Aidan asks Dr. C "are you going too?". Dr. Clark pauses then says no, I'm gonna stay here. He sits on the couch, kicks off his shoes and settles in. Tells Aidan he played a little Left Defender, Aidan says you played soccer? He can't quite believe it, asks if he scored any goals, Dr. C says yes, Aidan is settling in and relaxed, perhaps for the first time all day.

If Aidan is recurring I guess he stays with one of the doctors while his parents recover (never happen IRL but its GA). The child could end up staying with any of them, even if its Alex with him that night. I don't see the point of Alex playing a father figure for multiple episodes at this point in his life but there's a few episodes between now and then. IMO there's definitely a theme going on here about children losing a parent(s), being left, etc. The side with Elyse dying and Vince with the baby read a lot like its trying to be like ER's Love's Labor Lost (emotionally, not the exact medical condition) but it could be me reading into it though as that episode of tv is one I will always remember.

My guesses: Dr. Clark is Owen, (or one of the interns - Shane or Heather!! - maybe), Dr. Vara with the Bike Messenger is Callie, Dr. Smith with the Scruffy Guy reads like Bailey with the sass, and I think Alex is on the Parker peds case.

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Sides for episode 9.20

Steven/Joyce - Dr. Maurer is examing Joyce. Joyce came in a few days ago but isn't feeling better. Her husband Steven is nervous and hovering nearby. She came back because she has a 102 fever. Dr. Maurer says they'll run tests, with the bug going around they need to be careful.

Later, waiting room - Dr. Maurer updates Steven. He/she tells him its an abscess and they want to take her to surgery asap before the infection spread. Its an agressive infection. Steven says Joyce said she had a cold, he waited a whole day to bring her in. Dr. Maurer says he/she is going to take care of her.

Seth - Seth Lapik, 50s, is in the ER, Dr. Clark approaches and introduces him/herself. Seth has been dizzy for a couple of days and they said to come back if he didn't feel better. Dr. Clark asks "who's they?". Seth says the hospital, he was there a few days ago. Dr. Clark reviews the chart and sees Seth had a fever and tenderness in his abdomen. Dr. Clark examines him.

Shukri Darwish/Adad Al Asali - Skills lab scenes:

1) Dr. Hall is on one side of the skills lab dummy and Shukri Darwish & Adad Al Asali (Syrian surgeons in their 40s) are on the other. Dr. Hall says they are going to try to replicate their circumstances in the field hospital , only using what they have on the tray. The tray has a limited number of instruments/supplies. Adad says to Shukri in Arabic 'should we tell him or just let him do it?'. The doctors share a concerned look, Dr. Hall notices and asks if something is wrong.

Shukri says they've used all these things but recently the supply trucks cannot get to them and the electricity can't be relied on so many of the instruments cannot be used. They may need to adjust. Dr. Hall says they're here to make this work for them. Shukri removes a bunch of instruments, Dr. Hall looks a bit daunted. Adad leand over and turns off the lab lights, pulls out a pen light and shines it on the dummy and says now we go.

2) - Dr. Hall demonstrating a procedure, Shukri pointing out that they don't have anesthesia. Dr. Hall says they need to go at it another way then.

3) Dr. Hall is watching Shukri complete a procedure. Dr. Hall says not bad, who needs <medical> when you have duct tape. Shukri says Dr. Hall is creative. Dr. Smith arrives and asks if the board ok'ed Dr. Hall's project. Dr. Hall says no, we're supposed to be living the dream but she isn't living her dream. My dreams a big and bright and filled with extremely shiny machines that grow body parts out of thin air! Shukri says he/she has that dream all the time. Dr. Hall is mortified. She forgot he was there.

4) Not sure if this scene is part of one of the previous skills labs scenes or another one - Dr. Hall is advising Adad as he sutures, Adad has overheard her discussing her relationship woes. Dr. Hall says to hole the pressure while you suture. Adad asks if she will tell this man the truth, Dr. Hall turns bright red. Adad says he cannot get on the plane without some closure. Dr. Hall apologizes saying he doesn't need to bother with her stupid problems, he has real problems. Adad tells her courtship problems are everyone's troubles and that wooing his wife was tricky. Dr. Hall asks how he won her over. Adad says a picnic of spiced lamb under the cypress trees, almonds dipped in honey and words of his heart. He looks at Dr. Hall, she's entranced. He tells her he's joking, they went to see Terminator 3.

Supply Room - Dr. Smith is passing and sees Shukri standing in the door of the supply room staring at the shelves. Dr. Smith asks if she can help with something. Shukri says he is just looking. He's wistful, he used to have this stuff too. Dr. Smith grabs a box and she starts filling it with supplies. Says 'grab what you need, anything'. Shukri asks if its ok, Dr. Smith says don't worry about it as she shoves stuff into the box.

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