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Security asked Rajon Rondo’s brother to leave the stands after he exchanged words with Russell Westbrook. pic.twitter.com/5jG1hkInN6Washington Wizards

Stewart is not asked to do too much, but what he is asked to do, he does well. Working as Detroit’s backup center, Stewart comes in, sets screens, rolls hard to the rim, and absolutely ATTACKS the glass. He’s got a 16.3 percent offensive rebound rate, a pretty good indicator of his activity level. He’s a total non-threat outside the immediate area of the basket at the moment and he can’t do much more than catch and dunk or catch and immediately give the ball to a teammate, but he also knows that and doesn’t try to stretch beyond his limits. There is something to be said for knowing your role, playing it well, and worrying about everything else later. Much of what Stewart turns into will hinge on his proving he can defend outside the paint, for example, but for now, he’s doing a strong job protecting the rim.


On Friday, Nets coach Steve Nash was asked to compare the two of them and he said:

With new teammates and a new system, this is a completely new approach for Antetokounmpo, one that is still taking some getting used to with the Bucks now 13-8 overall. However, he is committed to sacrificing for the bigger goal down the line of advancing further in the playoffs.San Antonio Spurs

Not much can be learned from the Warriors this week, although they did finish it 3-1. They beat the Timberwolves twice and the Pistons once, taking care of business against two of the weakest teams in the league. They also got blitzed by a Suns team that has been struggling to find its way. The good news for Steve Kerr is that rookie James Wiseman responded well after getting pulled from the starting lineup early in the week. Wiseman racked up a career-high 25 points in Wednesday's win over the Timberwolves. -- FriedellDetroit Pistons

Atlanta is the home of Turner Sports, which can televise the game without having to send its crew outside of the city. Even a game without fans -- or with sparse, socially distanced attendance -- would still require significant travel for players, support staff and league officials in the teeth of the pandemic. The typical hosting of corporate sponsors, a significant financial component of normal All-Star weekends, wouldn't be possible amid the pandemic.Atlanta Hawks


Fanatics Nba Face Masks

Poole, the team’s 2019 first-round pick, put together his best game of the season in Saturday night’s rout of the Detroit Pistons. The 6-foot-4 shooting guard’s 16-point game was so good, his teammates joked that Kerr should cancel Poole’s flight to Florida.

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